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About Us

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Our Mission

The mission of UPCI Children’s Ministries is to assist the whole church in developing and maintaining a healthy and effective Church. This ministry trains, equips and motivates workers to evangelize, disciple and nurture spiritual development among people of all ages with special emphasis on children’s ministries. We will strive to serve the spiritual and natural needs of children.

Our Vision

At UPCI Children’s Ministries, we are passionate about providing resources, training, and events for kids, churches, children’s pastors, and parents around the globe. Below are some of the ways we make a difference.

  1. SOC Rallies: with your support Children’s Ministries is reaching every district in North America. In the last eleven years, over 17,000 children have received the Holy Ghost.
  2. Global Children’s SOC Rallies: funding enables us to hold rallies abroad where thousands receive the Holy Spirit.

  3. Overseas Orphanages: Your generous donations have the power to positively impact the lives of countless children by supporting the construction and maintenance of orphanages in underprivileged areas around the world. Your contribution can make a significant difference in providing a safe and nurturing environment for these children who may have nowhere else to turn. Thank you for considering this meaningful opportunity to help those in need.
  4. UPCI Children’s Disaster Relief: This is a program in which children involved in disasters will receive a “gift of love” that involves needed supplies through local directors, Missionaries and Reach Out America.
  5. Junior Bible Quizzing: Your funding is crucial in organizing regional and national tournaments and granting awards to empower children in memorizing the Bible.
  6. BREAD (Bible Reading Enriches Any Day): Your donation to the BREAD program makes a difference. Thank you for your support!
  7. Association of Children’s Evangelists: By contributing to Save Our Children, you can play a crucial role in providing Children’s Ministers with more opportunities to interact and expand their ministry. Your support can help make a significant difference in the lives of countless children and families by empowering these ministers to make a positive impact.
  8. TrainUp (Training Those That Minister to Children): It’s crucial to provide adequate training to those who serve as ministers to children in their local churches. With proper training, these individuals can better understand the needs of children and provide effective guidance to help them grow and develop. By investing in training for these ministers, we can help create a safe and nurturing environment for children within our communities, while also promoting the growth and well-being of the next generation.

Our Team

Steve L. Cannon

General Director

Robbie W. Knox


Donnie Sheerin

Director of Promotions

Lana Farnell

Executive Assistant

Darrel Sparks

Promotions Producer


Children have Received the Holy Ghost this year

Help us reach our goal of 1 million children receiving the Holy Ghost by reporting  

Our Goal:
1 Million Children to Receive the Holy Ghost