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Building an Effective Kid’s Ministry

In this session, we will explore tactics, ideas, and execution of how to overcome the call of the world and direct their hearts toward God. The gift of being a minister to children is being there at the pivotal moments in their lives as they experience holiness, Godliness, and truth in a world that is […]

4 Keys to a Successful Crusade

1. Prayer and involvement by a local church: The local church must be praying for revival. The local church must bring children for a crusade. Our philosophy – mucho children – mucho get the Holy Ghost! The evangelist will be inspired by the number of children or crowd energy. Our greatest altar workers were trained […]

Episode 1 Out Now

We’re excited to announce the launch of the ALL NEW Toby Show starting with Episode 1. Watch Now! Episode 1 — The Bake Sale Follow Toby on his mishaps and triumphs inside the kitchen as he prepares for the Save Our Children Bake Sale. There are so many ways to raise funds! Watch all […]

2024 SOC Theme “Next Starts Now”

We’re excited to announce the launch the 2024 SOC theme “Next Starts Now” 2024 SOC Theme “Next Starts Now” Another year is here and we are excited to continue in the theme of Future Now with 2024’s Next Starts Now! Watch the new SOC “Next Starts Now” Theme Film below. What SOC Supports SOC Downloads […]